Forest Gin

Made by our family with love

Forest Gin produce exceptional spirits which are distilled in small batches at our distillery here in the glorious Macclesfield Forest.

We are a truly family company. Lindsay & Karl Bond are the husband & wife team in charge of the still, bottling, management, sales & shipping.
Harriet Bond (aged 10) is the BOSS. She leads all foraging missions, and is an expert in knowing the best spots for juicy bilberries & ripe raspberries. Hattie would actually prefer it if you did not buy our Gin, as any left over berries end up in her porridge every morning.

Our goal is to make the best tasting Gin that we possibly can, from the finest locally sourced ingredients where possible. We do as much as possible by hand - right down to the bottling.
We are VERY proud of our little Gin, and hope that you love it is as much as we do.

Forest Gin is distilled by our family in batches of a maximum of 85 bottles at a time. Each bottle contains these key elements:


  • Organic Juniper Berries
  • Organic Coriander Seeds
  • Superior quality Vanilla pods, Liquorice root, Angelica and others


  • Wild Bilberries, Raspberries & Blackberries
  • Peak District Moss & Ferns
  • A sprinkling of wild flowers, spruce & pine


  • The softest Forest Spring Water
  • From our distillery spring 1,200 ft above sea level
  • An ancient spring in the Peak District
  • Blended to 42% abv

These ingredients are ground by hand using a pestle & mortar, before being distilled by us here in Cheshire. The alcohol vapour and the flavoursome oils from the botanicals reach our copper condenser, where they are immediatley cooled. This fragrant spirit is then blended with our spring water to create unfiltered London Dry Gin of the very highest quality.

The finest Gin deserves a beautiful bottle

In a desire to try to source our ingredients and materials from within the local area, the natural vessel to hold our Gin is Staffordshire Porcelain.

Since 1810, Wade Ceramics have been crafting the highest quality ceramic products, with their items being renowned and collected all over the world. They make our bespoke bottles for us using many traditional methods, and the final bottle is fully vitrified, meaning they are fired to a temperature which ensures the porcelain will not absorb any moisture, flavour, odour or stains.

The Forest Gin Artwork is a one of a kind commission by the respected Papercut artist Suzy Taylor...
Suzy hand cuts all of her artwork from a single piece of paper using a scalpel and a magnifying glass in a painstaking process. More information on how Suzy developed the unique "weasel" design with us can be found here.

The team at Wade then apply the artwork by hand to each bottle. The final piece is a practical, yet beautiful, porcelain decanter, which we hope that you will re-use and treasure for years to come.


Here's what people are saying about our little Gin.

"An amazing floral yet earthy bouquet"

Ryan Osnowski, Bar Manager.
The Hinds Head, Bray.


Forest Gin and Earl Grey Forest Gin are served by some of the Worlds best bars, restaurants, hotels, luxury lounges, and cosy country pubs. Below is just a small selection of our outlets. We also have a tiny bar and shop available at our distillery here in Cheshire. If you are a licenced outlet looking to stock our products, then please e-mail us directly:

By the glass

  • Virgin Trains 1st Class Lounge - London, England
  • Whitechapel Bar - San Francisco, USA
  • BarSix - Okayama, Japan
  • Asara Estate - Cape Town, South Africa

By The Bottle

  • Harvey Nichols Stores - UK
  • GLOBUS Department Stores - Switzerland
  • Liquor Mountain Stores - Japan
  • Hops Elysium - China


If you are experiencing Forest Gin for the first time, we always suggest that you try it neat to begin with. Swirl a small amount around a nosing glass and breathe it in before tasting....

The Gin is cool and clear in the glass, with a complex yet light fragrance of the wild ingredients.
The predominant initial taste is of juniper, with added citrus notes from the coriander seed.
Next, the sweetness of the berries comes through, accompanied by herbacious notes provided by ferns, flowers and pine.
The finish is long, deep and earthy due to the use of fresh moss in the distilation.

As a longer drink, here are some great serves:


The Forest Distillery

Our unique distillery is based in a 17th Century stone barn within Macclesfield Forest in the Peak District National Park. Surrounded by nature, and with our own ancient spring producing a constant supply of fresh water.

The Forest Distillery is 1,200 feet above sea level, daily distilling spirits of the very purest quality. We have a bar within the building, which we open to the public most Tuesdays to Fridays 1pm until 5pm. We're occasionally hampered by snow and only have a very small team here, so it is always best to check before visiting.

We also offer regular distillery tours at weekends. Because of our size, we can only release a few tickets at a time and they do tend to sell out very fast.


For private group tours of 15 - 20 people, then please contact us directly: